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9 November 2017

His Buzz Love...

Have you ever seen the movie Toy Story?
Or the inspiredly named sequel, Toy Story 2.
Or maybe even the ground breaking in movie naming follow up, Toy Story 3.
I mean who saw that coming? Huh! 1, 2 and then 3.
<Mind blown>
Maybe the Star Wars people should take note.

There’s some serious love for Toy Story in my little family.
It all goes back twenty millennia ago. When Team Parent (yay!) we're just getting to know each other. When the first seeds of love and romance were being sown over a bacon sandwiches and lots, LOTS, of cups of tea.
A few months into our courting (oh yes, classy huh) said movie was purchased on VHS and me and Mrs. Amazing (then Miss) and some mates descended on Grannie Amazing’s (then Mrs) gaff, ate all her food, and watched it. It was amazing. It was the first CGI feature length movie ever. EV-ERRRRR. <Feels really old>
I recall there being concerns in the muppet media (the normal media) that people wouldn't like watching CGI animation.
Fools. Damn fools! The worst kind.
I hope their hats tasted good.

(The UK media… lovely…)

So Team Parent (yay!) loved Toy Story.
And probably watched it a million times, whilst not studying. When we should have been. And not really watching it as young types are prone to do. <Blushes>
Sister-In-Law Amazing who was, and still is I believe, a bit younger. Even got the Buzz Lightyear toy for Christmas that year.
Yep, the year that Buzzes were like gold dust and people were hunting for them high and low. It was such a big phenomenon that in Toy Story 2 they even reference said Buzz shortage.
Ooo. I know.


Boy10 loved the Toy Story movies.
There was two for him to watch when he first started loving the characters. And as he was the first child on the Amazing's side of the family. He got a fair bit of Toy Story toys. Lovely.
He even had a Woody outfit. Which as I write now and wonder if I told someone I was going to dress as someone called 'Woody'. I imagine I might get a weird look, or at least thrown out of the pub. How innocent we were then.
Woody. <Giggles>

Then Boy10 grew.
Despite my best efforts. Boy10 grew and his loves and wants changed also. The Toy Story toys being passed onto to nephews and Boy10 picking up Nerf guns and argueing with me as his new loves and hobbies.

Time passed.
Miss6 watched the Toy Story movies. The third movie came out. And we all sat down and watched it as a family.
And despite one of us hiding his tears through the end...

Boy10: ‘Dad are you alright?’
Yeah... yeah. Fine! Just poked myself in both eyes, before this scene started... <Sniffles>
Boy10: ‘Why would you do that?’
Er... <Gives up trying to lie> I'm an idiot...
Mrs. Amazing: 'Yep... But a lovely big soft idiot...'
<Take the complement> <Ignores the insult>

... And not forgetting the rather harrowing furnace screen...

(Not a happy place… unless you are cold…)

<Hides behind Miss6>
Tell me when I can look...
Miss6: 'You can look'
Miss6: <Giggles>

And that I thought that was it.
Well unless there was another Toy Story movie. Which I guess would be called Toy Story 4. And be about Andy’s troubles of dating whilst carrying toys around with him. A disaster movie obv.
But essentially I thought the Toy Story love for us lot would dwindle. With only Team Parent (yay!) sounding old everytime it came up. Doing quotes no one gets. And Boy10 denying he ever ran about dressed as Woody. <Giggles>
Miss6 didn't mind the movies, she didn't love them either. They are no Frozen to her (Let It Go! (The Charge of the Elsas)).
And BabyBoy3 didn't seem fussed with Toy Story. He loves Fireman Sam.
Toy Story for us was done.

But then Toy Story 3 was repeated on tut tele.
And our clever little box of black magic recorded it. And Boy10 insisted watching it just before bedtime. Despite Team Parent (yay!) making it very clear we did not want BabyBoy3 watching the furnace bit.
Which he then watched. Sigh.
Miss6 burst into tears watching it. She was ill and exhausted. Too much emotion going on screen and in her.
BabyBoy3 needed hugging after.
Boy10 got some harsh words.

Gryzoot... Brexit... Trump... Discharge... Proportionate discrimination... Last orders... Your bank has refused your transaction... Low fat… We're out of bacon!
Boy10: '...'
Boy10: 'Is there anyway I change my Dad? For a more normal one?'
<Leaves cackling>
<Comes back as was watching tele and my tea is there>

And then something happened in BabyBoy3.
The next day when he got some tele chilling time, he asked to watch Toy Story 3 again.
No chance. Not that horror movie. But the first Toy Story was put on for him.
And this time it was love. Buzz love.
When I got home that evening Mrs. Amazing relayed what had happened.
BabyBoy3 had watched it twice in a row to start with. And then wanted every Toy Story toy we had to sit and watch it with. Hella cute!
Mrs. Amazing managed to hunt down the now sixth-or-seventh-hand Buzz. The Woody whose batteries had long since failed was found.
By the end of the week. BabyBoy3 could be found watching with Buzz, Woody, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm (well a pig toy we have, this one has coins and sings, but it's close enough for BabyBoy3) and Rex. And a new shiny Jessy.
Which confused him a bit, as he had hadn't seen Toy Story 2 yet.

A week later when I had some time.
I swore and poked and prodded the Woody doll until I managed to get new batteries in it.
BabyBoy3 ran about so happy pulling its cord and making it talk. Bonusly he scared the crap out of Boy10 with it. As Boy10 was telling him it didn't talk, only to have BabyBoy3 pull the chord and a voice came out. Which Boy10 wasn't expecting.
Great times. <Is smiling>
Buzz Lightyear sheets, that have been passed down, were found.
And Grannie Amazing suddenly produced some Buzz Lightyear pyjamas.
Which he frikkin' loves. The breastplate glows.
I want jammies that glow!

At bedtime now.
BabyBoy3 lays in his Buzz bed sheets, wearing his Buzz jammies, and his actual Buzz toy tucked up, by him, next to him.
We had bit of a problem when the head of Buzz was knocked off. BabyBoy3 was cool about it. But really wanted the head back on.
I tried lots of glues and complex plans to reattach it. However Mrs. Amazing got her glue gun out and fixed whilst I was at work.
BabyBoy3 was very happy to have Buzz with head attached again.
A really happy, cute, little scrummy Buzz mad boy.

Now you may think I am spoiling him.
And frankly I maybe, but I don't think so. But when I nipped home for lunch today. It was for one thing and thing only.
<Opens chocolate cupboard>
To get the Buzz jammies out of the washing machine so they would be dry by tonight.
BabyBoy3 is so happy when he gets to be Buzz. It's worth the effort.
He still doesn’t like being called Buzz though. You still get a cross…

BabyBoy3: ‘NOT BUZZ! Baby-Boy-3!’ <Gives outraged face>

(Radiators are not enough when it’s urgent…
Urgent stuff goes in the ULTRA DRYER (airing cupboard)...)

But hey. Each to their own.
Sadly all that Buzz stuff doesn't really help him stay in bed. He plays for a while and stays put. Shouts ‘Tinfinity Beyond!’ for a bit. Which is hella cute.
But eventually…

<Watches tiny Buzz run fly out of his bedroom for the thousandth time>
BabyBoy3: ‘Tinfinity Beyond!’
<Considers hiding jammies tomorrow night>