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3 September 2018

Everybody (the Kids) Change...

What a summer we had.
It's been awesome. The UK sun has been out in force and we have made the most of it.
I obviously have found it far too hot at times, and as always have been pining for my coat and long trousers. Stupid shorts with their rubbish pockets.
The three terrors have had plenty of outside adventures and fun. During which I have utterly butterly broken my knees playing with them, and keeping up with them. #WorthIt
And despite what they might say, they have all really bonded over the past six weeks...

(BabyBoy4? How’s your summer been?
BabyBoy4: <Gives one thumb up>
<Is chuffed> That’s high praise!)

I'll be back in twenty seconds, keep eating and behave...
Miss7: 'Boy11 is looking at me!'
Boy11: 'I am not' <Is looking at Miss7>
BabyBoy4: <Punches with teeny fists Boy11>
Boy11: 'OW! Take that'
BabyBoy4: 'WAHHHH!'
Miss7: 'STOP LOOKING AT ME' <Screams and knocks her plate off the table>
Boy11: <Steals Miss7's crisps>
WTAF? I've only been gone fifteen seconds!
<Picks up BabyBoy4>
<Glares at Boy11>
<Moves Miss7 into my seat and gives her my food>
<Frowns at them all>
<Creaks a lot as sits>

But the summer holidays are now done.
No more lazy days in the sun building camps from sheets.
No more movie marathons in the mornings and no one getting dressed at all.
No more just playing. At least until next summer holidays that is.
No, now it's all change.
Everyone is changing schools and there's a fair bit of concern, anxiety and excitement going on. New drop off times and places.
And smeg load of new uniforms, stationary, no books weirdly, we’ve had to buy. Sigh.
Each child is dealing with the changes it in their own way.

He's got the biggest change of all. From Primary to Secondary school.
Boy11 is going from being one of the oldest in the school to the youngest. Which should be a shock.
If I cast my mind back the few millennia to when I did that, I remember being shocked by it all. The older boys were huge, basically giants, and everything was so big. Even the chairs are suddenly adult sized.
I remember there being so many people all the people so many people. I had come from a tiny village Primary school, straight into an enormouse secondary school. I doubt I had ever seen so many children at one time before.
My first week of school I remember being very confusing as a lot of information was thrown at me, and I got lost a lot. My timetable I recall was super important to me at the time.
It was the only piece of information that was mine that I understood.
But I do recall that first week being pretty fun too. Being allowed to use flames in the science labs, cooking in a oven, being allowed to use the power tools in CDT. All pretty damn cool stuff. They let throw javelins! BONZA!
And that is what I have been filling Boy11's head with - the cool stuff that school is about to let him do.
Of course I shan't mention that in my first week of school I was set upon by a load of fifth years and was handcuffed to the goal posts on the field.
There's no need for him to know that. (I got out very quickly and conversely made a fifth year friend from it, who smuggled chocolate out of the fifth years canteen for me which was cool. Funny how things turn out).
Plus times have changed. I think. I am sure that nothing like happens any more.
The main message I've been giving to Boy11 is how cool it is going to be, and to make the most of everything they are going to offer him.
I feel I didn't make the most of secondary school when I was there. If I can help steer him away from my mistake, I will.
It might work.

She's got the simplest of moves. As Miss7 is just changing one school for another, from Infant to Junior. All her mates will be with her. It's just a different building and new teachers.
She’s still got worries though, poor sausage. It just the change, the unknown.
It’s easy to forget what a worry that can be to children. I know because I totally forgot and it was Mrs. Amazing that reminded me.
Luckily Miss7 loves school and will be delighted to be back again. She has been working through the workbooks we give with desire and a genuine joy of learning. Bless her.
Long may that reign.

I still get to drop her off for school a few mornings a week.
Me and BabyBoy4 will see her to school first, before then doubling back for BabyBoy4's drop off. I am looking forward to the drop offs again. Yes really.
To be honest at the end of term when the drop offs stopped. I was hella glad.
I needed a break from them.
But after a weeks of just working and not taking anyone to school and stuff. Well I started missing them. It's gonna be fun!

<Is attacked by naked children, giggling>
<Everyone is late>

In some ways he's got the biggest change ever. He's going from Nursery to Primary.
From not at school. To at school. Ooooo.
BabyBoy4 is really excited and I think it's because it's not the unknown for him, he’s going to Miss7’s previous school. It finally his time to go to school, just like Boy11 and Miss7 have been doing for years. I'm pretty sure he's just gonna be glad to be part of the 'School' gang. (Obvs. that joy may only last a day).
Team Parent are pretty sure he's ready. Can get dressed. Can use toilet. Can recognise on name. Can be trusted to only jam one nostral with pasta.
Because in the last six months he's suddenly grown up loads. Any lingering babiness has gone. <Howls>
Well except for when he wants to use it to get what he wants, obvs.
He's no fool...

Dude. Sit in the middle of your seat, or you'll fall off?
BabyBoy4: <Shakes head>
Well you've been warn...
What did I tell you fool <Scoops him up in my arms and kisses his tiny little bopped head>

And me?
BrainZilla: 'You talking to yourself again?'
Shhhhh <Punches self in head>
BrainZilla: 'Shall do'
Well I am looking forward to making new friends in the playground when I drop off BabyBoy4 for school. Bit worried I'm gonna get lost and take the wrong child to the wrong school.
Probably gonna forgot everything they need four million times in the first week. If I'm concentrating.
Hope work doesn't give me detention for being late.

(But it wasn’t my fault I’m late…
I had to drink all the wine last night…)

I am sure we’ll all be fine.
My thoughts are mostly going to be with Boy11 as he starts this whole new chapter. He is going to need the most support as school switches from learning with fun, to learning a lot.
But I'll be keeping an eye on BabyBoy4 and how he's doing, and whether he's happy in school. And Miss7 obvs.
Something tells me I'm going to be doing a lot listening when I get home each day.
I can't wait!
Good luck terrors. Team Parent (yay!) are right behind you!

So is Boy11 old enough to look after the others yet?
Mrs. Amazing: 'Not really'
I was just thinking... If we left him with the others... we could... <Winks suggestively>
Mrs. Amazing: 'Wouldn't they hear us?'
What? From the pub? No <Is confused>
Mrs. Amazing: 'Oh right, and no we can't do that'
... <Brain is working>...
HANG ON! What were you thinking we could do?
Mrs. Amazing: <Runs>