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10 February 2016

Flowers for Valentines...

Pssst... In case you need to know or remember...
St. Valentines Day is this Sunday... and watch out not all garages are open 24 hours.


I buy flowers for Mrs. Amazing for Valentines day.
She likes them, I like giving them to her.
My fiscal side tells me it's an utter waste of money, and without doubt a poor investment.
However so is beer, and we all know where that ends up mere hours later.
And if you look at it like that, flowers versus beer, well then flowers last a lot longer, and are in a weird unbelievable way, a better investment.
Less fun though...

(For him, because he's worth it he likes being drunk...)

The lady in my local flower shop I know.
I have made a point of introducing myself. She knows my name. My first name Obi.
It benefits me greatly as she knows a few things about me.
She knows me and recognises me. She knows my 'budget' requirements. The style I want.
She knows that I have no idea of what any of the flowers are called, but I can describe the ones I want pretty well. She knows that I want to leave the shop holding flowers. Coming back later when I have a moment, is a not an option.
It helps.

For valentines last year I got Mrs. Amazing some lovely flowers, thanks to my lovely flower lady.
A nice bunch in Mrs. Amazing's colours and style. They were liked.
They were bloody awkward to walk home with, as I had a bike too, and could not ride.
But worth it.

I also got Miss5 some flowers too.
Not as many as I got Mrs. Amazing of course, that's a short cut to the sofa and no tea in the morning.
I got Miss5 a small bunch in her favourite colour. She only cared a bit.
But it doesn't matter. I thinks it is important Miss5 learns about gentlemen from her Dad. I have no hidden agenda. I just want her to stop talking love.
She'll remember those flowers in the future and her standards of men will be higher because of them.
Maybe. I hope.

I also got Boy8 a small bunch of flowers to give Mrs. Amazing.
I think it is important he learns how to be a gentleman and it's my job to teach him.
Even if it is through me handing him flowers, coaching him on what to say, and then pushing him in front of Mrs. Amazing, where he stumbles his lines and walks away confused and wiping kisses from his face.
He'll remember those flowers in the future when he wants to grab a girls attention.
And if I'm lucky (and him) it may stop him revving engines and doing power slides instead.

I also got a single red rose for BabyBoy1 to give Mrs. Amazing.
I thought it was a nice touch.
Sort of...
'Hey Mummy I love you'
'I've only been here a little'
'But already... I heart you'
'Have an overpriced spiky red flower to symbolise that'

(I shall name this a crapa-stink-spike bloom...)

A nice message I thought. Sweet.
Mrs. Amazing thought it was a bit puke inducing.
A year later I conclude she may well have been right.

I think Mrs. Amazing's point was: It is not mother's day. It's valentine's day.
So what the smeg was I doing? Despite my high intentions does Boy8 really want to be calling his Mum his valentine?
I think we all know what his answer may be...
Boy8: 'I like her, don't get me wrong. Lovely lady. Best Mum ever...'
'It's... just... You know... '
'There's this girl in year 5... and she's got R2-D2 hair bobbles in her hair and she can run really fast...'

He is only human.

(Just realised Miss5 absolutely needs more bows... for... er... medical reasons...)

Still I like getting Miss5 flowers.
I know that on one hand if Boy8 giving his Mum flowers on Valentines day seems a bit weird. Then equally me giving flowers to Miss5 is, at least flirting around, the same kind of weirdness.
But nobs to that. I think it's a nice thing to do for a little girl, and I shall continue.
Is that really so wrong? 
<Shakes flowers at you>