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14 October 2015

LyricTale: I Get a Kick out of You

I Get a Kick out of You’ is a song by Cole Porter which was first sung in a musical way back in 1934. Cole did loads of cool stuff and wrote many excellent songs and is worth a quick read.

Lots of people have covered "I Get a Kick out of You", but for me Frank Sinatra does the best version. His version was on his album ‘Songs for Young LoversI’ released in 1954.

I like to make sure the kids listen to an eccentric eclectic mix of music at home. So they will grow up knowing the classics and modern stuff as well, not just the toss on Radio1.
This morning I we had Taylor Swift, then Buddy Holly, bit of Green Day, when ol' blue eyes swaggered on.

Obviously the lyrics of this song, in my head, have always be associated with Mrs. Amazing. She is way better than fizzy vinegar white wine. 

However listening to the song today it made me think of Miss4. 
She's pretty kicky at the moment.

So with more than a little concern that I am doing the equivalent of playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (Sinatra, Sonata... Oh forget it) on a free app on my phone. 

‘I get no kick from champagne,’

Miss4 put your shoes on we're late for school
<Tries to put on Miss4's shoes for her>
Stop kicking me, I am trying to help you!
<More kicking>
Fine put your own shoes on
<Limps away>

‘Mere alcohol,
Doesn't thrill me at all,’

Is it too early to start drinking?
Mrs. Amazing: 'It's 8:30 in the morning!'
Time is relative, I am going for need and pain relief here
<Shakes head>
I suppose it does seem a little early... shame...
Hang on… What are you drinking?
‘Apple juice’
<Does shifty eyes>

‘So tell me, why should it be true,
That I get a kick out of you.’

OK Miss4 the shoes have to go on
I am just trying to help you put your shoes on
No kicking <Firm voice>
Help me help you, help me help you
<Gets kicked>
What did I just say?

‘Some get a kick from cocaine chocolate,’

Put your shoes on and you can have these three chocolate buttons
<Holds out hand>
'Buttons first'
Shoes first
OW! <Gets kicked>
OK. One button as down payment, two more on shoe wearing
<Hands over one button>
<Takes one button and runs>

‘I'm sure that if,
I took even one sniff,’

Hey? What's this nappy doing here?
<Picks up rogue nappy>
Oh my life, this stinks!!!
<Realises why nappy was abandoned>

‘It would bore me terrifically,too,
Yet I get a kick out of you.’

Miss4 I am bored on this game
Put your shoes on <Firm-ist voice>
Everyday! Do we have to go through this everyday???
<Tries to put shoes on Miss4>
OWW! Stop that! OW! OW! Stop!
<Ignores pain and forces shoes on>

‘I get a kick every time I see you,’

I'm home who's missed me?
<Miss4 rushes in for a leaping hug>
Mind my bits... Owwwwwwwww
<Sinks to the floor in pain>

‘Standing there before me,’

'Why are you crying Daddy?'
Boys have one very sensitive area...
And as you leap-hugged me, you kicked mine...
<Looks on interested>

‘I get a kick though it's clear to see,
You obviously don't adore me.’

Night Miss4
<Goes in for a hug>
Come on, hug your father...
<Squirms and fights>
<Gets kicked>
What was that for? We've had a nice bedtime, I read all you favourite stories, we laughed
Why turn on me now?
<Leaves room feeling rejected>

‘Some get a kick in a plane, Flying too high,
With some gal in the sky,’

Want to go on my shoulders?
<Puts Miss4 on shoulders>
'I don't like it'
<Starts squirming and kicking>
Ow ow! Wait! Wait!
<Drops to knees>
Ow ow!! Just wait... OW!
<Falls over but saves Miss4 from any injury>
Can someone call me an ambulance?
Boy8: <Runs in, ready, his moment to shine> YOU'RE AN AMBULANCE!
<Plots revenge>

‘Is my idea of nothing to do,’

What did you do at school?
Did you play any fun games
What did you have for lunch
'Nuthin pie'
I like pie

‘But I get a kick out of you.’

Come on back to the table
<Tries to pick up Miss4 >
<Gets kicked>

‘I get a kick...out of you.’

Come on it's bath time
Come on
<Picks up Miss4, legs pointing away>
Ah ha! Can't kick me now!
<Gets scratched>

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